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Mobile photo studio featuring top-quality, professional equipment, lights and accessories.

PROFOTO - Sweden, the professional brand used by famous studios around the world: London, Paris, New York, Tokyo, Milan, Rome.


Photo lab offering instant development, featuring top of the line photo equipment for dry development technology, which sets new standards in photography.


The latest technology of thermal sublimation and the special photo paper ensure high-quality photography, protecting, over time, against moisture and UV damage.


 Photo advantages:

• High-quality in terms of color and resolution

• Smudge proof

• Protecting, over time, against moisture and UV damage


WEDDING FAVORS - Instant photo

Instant keepsakes, for life, of most significant events.



It is a classic memory that lasts over time.



Private or corporate events.



Equipped with a professional (as in lights, backdrop and cameras), mobile photo studio, we - the team of experienced people, go thought the following steps (during the event):


1 Install the studio and take pictures of the guests on their arrival at the event.


2 Develop the photos on site using our own laboratory.


3 Apply the photo on customized cardboard support.


4 Hand the product to each guest or to the organizer at the end of the event.



A collage of photos, in the shape of a harmonica, that fits in an envelope, a unique gift that finds its place on a shelf or desk, without requiring additional support.


On special cardboards, in elegant packaging - it is the perfect gift that will pleasantly surprise your loved ones.


A stylish holder, size 14 x 14 cm, available starting from at least 2 to a maximum of 10 photos.




Give value to photos of important moments in your life instead of letting them "gather dust" on PC!

Classic photo albums, our own production, hand-sewn with waxed silk threads.


We provide 3 sizes:

Large: 31 x 35 cm

Medium: 25 x 28.5 cm

Small: 20 x 23.3 cm



• can be customized

• are classic and elegant

• have a variable number of pages, depending on the number of photos



Having fun! Guaranteed!

We install the background, studio lights, we provide fun props (wigs, hats, sunglasses, accessories, funny messages, etc.) in style with the theme of the event you have, and take professional photos.

We deliver quality photos instantly!



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Each product is unique, depending on the event or person.

To receive a customized price offer, do not hesitate to contact us!

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